Limited Edition - Ø cca 60 cm, ruby-red

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Herrnhuter® paste paper

Handcraft & tradition

At an early stage, the Herrnhuter Brothers' Congregation distinguished itself through diverse inventions in the craft - including the production of special papers. As early as 1764, the Herrnhut book covers, boxes and boxes have been decorated with a special type of paper - processed using the paste technique.
The Herrnhuter® paste paper takes up this traditional technique.
A limited small series with an is created in elaborate manual work.

Included in delivery - complete set:

1 paper star I6 Ø60cm, made using paste technology - color: ruby-red
1 lighting set, 4m white cable, with switch and LED

A special craftsmanship - each star is unique
Peace and concentration fill the room. A fresh scent of paper wafts through the air. Color slowly pours into the liquid paste. Once the perfect shade has been found, the paper spikes are given their delicate colored coating. Every single point is decorated with patterns by hand with great sensitivity and then rests to dry.

approx. 100 points are painted by hand per day
With a skilful hand, the "Spitzeldreher" processes the dried and pressed spikes into a cone - then the individual pieces rest again to dry.

An "Spitzeldreher" turns around 150 points per day
The "frame glue" give the point the right shape. Perfectly coordinated, they work together on the completion. Punched out cardboard frames are given a fine coat of glue and allow the paper cones to take on their square and triangular shape.

A "frame glue" processes approx. 150 points per day
The prongs rest again so that the quality control can then be passed. With an attentive eye, point by point, it is checked one last time before each star is individually packaged and given a number.

Suitable box to store your set up star safely also available.


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