Battery holder with timer

CODE: 00060252


  • Battery holder with Timer (6h) and switch
  • colour: white
  • 4 batteries - AA 1,5V
  • cable with 2 sockets at the battery holder: Length: 15cm
  • Weight:0.1900 Kg. 

- for illumination of 1 star - A1e, A1b or I1or 3 miniature stars
- you can light your star independent of the electric circuit
- light ON time approx. 80h, with high quality batteries
- for indoor use only
For using the timer function, set the switch on the middle position "timer". Now your star will light for 6 hours and turn off automatically. After 18 hours more, it will turn on for 6 hours again.
Please note:
- it is recommended to use only LED (E10, 6,3V - 0,6W - ca. 0,1A)
- the LED is enclosed in each star (since 10/2018)

Notes on the disposal of batteries and electrical devices

221.00 Kč
excl. VAT 182.64 Kč