Two e-shops - one order. This is not a problem with us!

Many of you know that we have a second online store. It's called Luxury Office. In it, you will find especially luxury office supplies, gifts, the highest quality leather accessories and more. Would you like to add any such products to your order? We will advise you how to do it. 

1. At the e-shop, add all the goods you want to buy to your cart as standard. 

2. In the meantime, look at the e-shop offer in another window of your internet browser. Just copy the product code for each product that you want to add to the order from the e-shop

3. Go back to the e-shop and there in the fourth step of the order ("Order confirmation") add the product codes from the second e-shop to the "Additional information" field. 

Also, be sure to list the amount of each product you wish to add. Submit an order. 

4. Did you choose to pay by bank transfer? Do not pay it immediately after shipping, but wait for the information that your order has been modified and only then pay the total amount for products from both stores. Not only will you pay only one postage, but you will also save packaging materials, because we will pack your order from two e-shops into one package. You save your wallet and nature.

Attention! You do not have to exceed CZK 3,000 for free shipping. 

We will recalculate your complete order from both e-shops and we will be happy to send you the goods free of charge for total orders over CZK 3,000 from both e-shops.